The benefits of stretching

two women stretching their arms behind their backs
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When you consider all the benefits, making a case for regular stretching is easy. From improving how your body feels and functions day and night to supporting the unseen coordination and movement patterns – stretching makes a big impact. We’ve broken it down into three categories listed below.

Makes a body better

Basically, stretching simply makes your body better. A regular stretching routine provides many benefits that play a huge role in keeping you healthy and feeling good.

  • Increases blood flow and supply of nutrients to tissues and joints
  • Increases joint health by nourishing and lubricating joints
  • Increases elasticity of muscles
  • Makes muscle contractions more efficient
  • Increases range of motion
  • Decreases ‘tightness’ and ‘resistance’ in muscles and tendons
  • Assists in the reduction of pain

Moves a body better

Regular stretching assists your body and causes it to move better. There are a number of advantages that you will feel directly in how your body moves and responds throughout the day.

  • Improves muscle coordination leading to improved movement patterns
  • Enhances neuro-muscular connections leading to improved reaction times, better balance and agility and decreased risk of falling

Makes a body function better

Done consistently, regular stretching supports your body by allowing it to function the best that it can. Some benefits you will feel immediately and some you will notice over time. Either way, you can trust proper stretching is doing you many favors.

  • Reduces fatigue as circulation and tissue nutrition improves
  • Facilitates correct body and soft tissue alignment improving posture
  • Decreases the effort needed to maintain good posture
  • Assists with stress reduction and improved mood
  • Helps decrease the ‘discomfort-pain-muscle stiffness- injury’ cycle

Make stretching a daily goal

It’s clear that consistent stretching is a great way to feel better. However, long work days and home commitments can make that goal seem impossible to attain. The solution? Adding a quick effective stretch routine to your work day will help you reach that goal and help you feel better on the job. Proper stretching enhances a safe work environment by preventing musculoskeletal disorders, pain and discomfort that can distract from job duties and by helping your team feel their best every day.

By now you can see that regular stretching benefits you as well as your coworkers. Don’t know where to start? Let our team of experienced physical therapists help you find the best program for your group. Contact us today.