Injury prevention is the most beneficial
when there is a consistent weekly
presence of a physical therapist at
the place of employment.

The therapists at On-Site Solutions work
at your job site providing On-Site Physical
Therapy. They incorporate actual job tasks
with traditional physical therapy.

We will create a unique On-Site Therapy
and/or Injury Prevention program that is
tailored to your employees.

About Us

Who is On-Site Solutions?

On-Site Solutions is a full service On-Site Physical Therapy company that brings the professional therapy environment and experience to your place of business. Our company specializes in proving On-Site Therapy and Injury Prevention Services, reducing work-related injuries and returning your employees back to work quickly.

How does On-Site Solutions Save you Money?

By using our On-Site Therapy and Injury Prevention methods, your company will see a remarkable decrease in sprain/strain injuries and a quicker return to work. In fact, one of our clients has seen a decrease of lost days of work by 55% in one year and an overall decrease in workers compensation claim costs by 45%. On-Site Physical Therapy treatments are billed to the workers compensation claim file and On-Site Injury Prevention is billed directly to the company.

Proven Track Record:

For companies that do a lot of hiring, it is not unusual to find that 30% to 50% of injuries occur among new hires within the first years of work. On-Site Solutions has a proven record of reducing injuries to new hires and the general work force. If a worker cannot safely, yet effectively perform the job duties of his/her position, an injury is much more likely to occur.

Spending $1 to Avoid a $100 Problem Makes Sense:

The earlier a problem is avoided or prevented, the less costly it is. Building quality into injury prevention is just like building quality into other products or services. With On-Site Therapy and Injury Prevention a problem can be avoided or fixed at the earliest possible stage and the cost of rectifying the problem decreases exponentially, in terms of both money and time.