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Why do my joints hurt when the weather changes?

Have you ever noticed changes in your body when the weather begins to change? Specifically, have you noticed any joint pain as the seasons shift? Believe it or not, body aches and the weather are absolutely linked to one another. While it may sound like a myth or an old wives’ tale, here is what… Read more

4 poor ergonomics and their risks

It should come as no surprise that our daily routine of moving, bending and stretching will make an impact on our body whether good or bad. Each of us goes about our day often in auto-pilot. Our schedule is set and muscle memory has taken its place. Just a few years back, MDS’s (musculoskeletal disorders)… Read more

The benefits of stretching

When you consider all the benefits, making a case for regular stretching is easy. From improving how your body feels and functions day and night to supporting the unseen coordination and movement patterns – stretching makes a big impact. We’ve broken it down into three categories listed below. Makes a body better Basically, stretching simply… Read more

6 common myths about physical therapy

There isn’t a better time to demystify physical therapy assumptions and misunderstandings than as we approach National Physical Therapy Month this October. We have heard it all, “physical therapy hurts,” “I’m not injured so I don’t need PT,” and “I can just do it myself.” These are a few examples of what we hear as… Read more