Injury prevention is the most beneficial
when there is a consistent weekly
presence of a physical therapist at
the place of employment.

The therapists at On-Site Solutions work
at your job site providing On-Site Physical
Therapy. They incorporate actual job tasks
with traditional physical therapy.

We will create a unique On-Site Therapy
and/or Injury Prevention program that is
tailored to your employees.

Customized Educational Programs

We will create unique educational programs that are tailored to the needs of your company and employees. Some examples of customized programs that have been used with manufacturing, trucking, warehouse, and office settings include:

  1. Stretch It! Customized stretching program for your unique worker. This program will include photos of one of your workers performing the stretches, handouts of the program, and display posters. The physical therapist can present an educational seminar discussing the benefits of stretching, demonstrate the stretches, and implement the program to the employees.
  2. Save Your Back! Unique training program on best practices for your specific job site. This program can be used during employee orientation or as a periodic educational component.
  3. Healthy People - Brown bag lunch series that can discuss a variety of health related issues such as weight loss, smoking cessation, stress reduction, proper work site set-up, office ergonomics, and general health and fitness issues.

The On-Site Therapist will design a program that will assist you in addressing health related issues. The price for each program varies. Contact your On-Site Therapist to discuss program ideas.