Injury prevention is the most beneficial
when there is a consistent weekly
presence of a physical therapist at
the place of employment.

The therapists at On-Site Solutions work
at your job site providing On-Site Physical
Therapy. They incorporate actual job tasks
with traditional physical therapy.

We will create a unique On-Site Therapy
and/or Injury Prevention program that is
tailored to your employees.

Functional Capacity Evaluation

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)
An FCE is a comprehensive objective test of an individual’s ability to perform work-related tasks. And FCE has a musculoskeletal base and performance is rated; physical abilities and limitations are compared to physical and functional findings.

The FCE is 1-2 days of intense evaluation to stress the physical abilities of the client to a safe maximum level. The FCE is an objective test to assist in identifying maximum functional abilities for activities of daily living or work tasks.

An FCE can also assist with return-to-work decision making. When there is a match between the worker’s physical abilities and the job duties from a Functional Job Analysis (FJA), return to work is recommended. If there is not a job match, the employer may be able to modify the job or task to assist with a quicker return to work for the injured worker.

On-Site Solutions Physical Therapy and its therapists utilize the WorkWell FCE. WorkWell Systems’ offers support tools, global network of health professionals and international research team with an integrated approach to pre-work physical screening, functional capacity evaluations, and functional job analysis.