Injury prevention is the most beneficial
when there is a consistent weekly
presence of a physical therapist at
the place of employment.

The therapists at On-Site Solutions work
at your job site providing On-Site Physical
Therapy. They incorporate actual job tasks
with traditional physical therapy.

We will create a unique On-Site Therapy
and/or Injury Prevention program that is
tailored to your employees.


HealthSource Solutions partners with On-Site Solutions Physical Therapy for Wellness Programming:

HealthSource Solutions, formerly known as Park Nicollet Health Source, has served the Upper Midwest for more than 30 years with high-quality, innovative worksite health promotion and fitness center services. Our programs are customized to fit your organization's budget, work environment and health goals. Our strong history, high customer service satisfaction and innovative products make us a leader.

HealthSource Solutions makes implementing health promotion programs easy. We design programs to meet clients' needs and work with you every step of the implementation process. Our programs encourage employees to make positive lifestyle changes and to empower them to take responsibility for their health decisions.

Worksite Services and Programs:

  1. Consulting/strategic planning
  2. Annual planning calendar
  3. Communications
  4. Reporting
  5. Telephonic health coaching
  6. Health assessment
  7. Health screening (Total Cholesterol, HDL, Glucose) v
  8. Campaigns
  9. Seminars
  10. Smoking cessation (QuitPlan at Work)
  11. Health fair services
  12. Educational displays
  13. Onsite vaccination clinics
  14. Seasonal Flu & H1N1 Shots
  15. Ergonomics and injury management

Fitness Center Services:

  1. Feasibility analysis
  2. Facility design/planning
  3. Management
  4. Wellness & fitness support
  5. Employer-run fitness centers
  6. Preventive maintenance
  7. Educational displays
  8. Group fitness classes
  9. Campaigns

HealthSource Solutions Worksite Health Promotion Model:

  1. Assessment provides the foundation to build your program.
  2. Awareness creates visibility to engage participation.
  3. Behavior change programs reach all employees.
  4. Targeted programs help manage those with health risks.
  5. Environmental initiatives stimulate and support behavior change.
  6. Evaluation and data management demonstrate outcomes