Injury prevention is the most beneficial
when there is a consistent weekly
presence of a physical therapist at
the place of employment.

The therapists at On-Site Solutions work
at your job site providing On-Site Physical
Therapy. They incorporate actual job tasks
with traditional physical therapy.

We will create a unique On-Site Therapy
and/or Injury Prevention program that is
tailored to your employees.

Pre Work Screen

The Pre Work Screen (PWS) must be objective, non-discriminatory, fair, and accurately represent the job duties of the job that has been offered. It is imperative that the PWS utilizes a functional job analysis that has been created objectively, fairly, and accurately as it represents the in which the PWS is testing.

The PWS is only one aspect of a complete injury prevention program.
A prework screen will not prevent all injuries. The purpose of the prework screen is to assist a company in hiring workers who have the physical abilities to perform the job. The On-Site Solutions Physical Therapist utilizes the prework screen as an introduction to the on-site model as well as discussing best practice techniques with the specific job setting.

On-Site Solutionís approach to Functional Prework Screening is to test potential workers on physical components of the essential functions of the job to see if they are capable of performing these functions safely. The screen itself is created by a functional job description that has been validated as accurate by the employer and workers.