On-Site Physical Therapy

The therapists at On-Site Solutions work at your job site providing On-Site Physical Therapy. They incorporate actual job tasks with traditional physical therapy. Our uniquely trained physical therapists have experience in training the injured worker to return to work faster than outpatient physical therapy and educate the worker on how to prevent injury when they return to the job site.

Reasons Insurance Claims Representatives Have Put Their Trust In Us:

“The therapists are great at finding appropriate light duty accommodations within the company.”

“The therapists are always available to discuss the case files.”

“The therapists are able to follow up with doctors to get faster responses on a treatment plan or light duty work.”

“The therapists have great instincts with the employees and work well with the QRC’s.”

Why Is On-Site Therapy Beneficial?

We provide convenient On-Site Physical Therapy to injured workers at the place of employment. Convenience means less cancelled appointments and increased compliance. The worker knows that the On-Site Therapist understands their job and has the knowledge to assist them back to work.

Who Pays for On-Site Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is billed to the Work Compensation Claim file (an open claim file, doctor order, and authorization from the Workers Compensation claim file is needed for this service).