What is ARTE

Artificial intelligence Recognition Therapist for Ergonomics, or A.R.T.E., is a visual image recognition and processing convolutional neural network “trained” to recognize workplace ergonomic setups and body positioning and filter out both positive and negative ergonomic aspects, based on the provided image. ARTE is trained by licensed and practicing physical therapists who practice in the field of ergonomics.

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Is ARTE giving you a hard time?

ARTE really wants to help you out! But some things will throw him for a loop. Here are a few helpful tips:

Q: Why won’t ARTE work if there are more than 1 person in the image?
A: ARTE gets confused with photo-bombing (more than 1 person in the photo/image). If there is more than 1 person in the image, ARTE tends to get confused on which individual you are requesting an assessment from.

Q: ARTE doesn’t give me any assessment results; he just keeps saying “no records found.”
A: ARTE is quite the perfectionist and will only display assessment results that he is very confident on (at least 75% confident). If the probability (confidence) is below 75%, it is not included in your assessment. Generally speaking, if ARTE is not confident enough to include any results in your assessment (“no records found” error message), then simply reattempt your photo. The better the photo or image upload, the better the results. ARTE is great, but he has no peripheral vision; he can only see what you provide him!
**Also, YOU CAN’T FOOL ARTE! Believe us, we tried. If you try and take a “fake” office assessment picture, or provide ARTE with a pic that looks like someone is sitting at a desk, but there is no chair, desk, keyboard, etc, ARTE may also give you a “no records found.”

See below for ideal image capture for “office assessment” from ARTE.

Q: I can take a picture/upload an image to ARTE, but after clicking “start assessment,” nothing happens.
A: To make ARTE’s availabilty to everybody as simple and centralized as possible, we created him to be a web app. Although ARTE is very user-friendly, a user will still have to have internet/wifi availability to use him.