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Choosing your hard hat in six steps

What do miners, firefighters, electricians, plumbers, welders, loggers and so many more have in common? They all share a similar accessory that is a part of their everyday uniform – you guessed it, a hard hat! Hard hats are worn in a wide variety of industries with the purpose of keeping workers safe and preventing… Read more

Navigating winter hazards on foot

The days are finally getting longer, the sun is feeling warmer and we are starting to feel that spring is right around the corner. These are the long-awaited signs that winter is coming to an end. However, don’t be fooled, Mother Nature still has a trick or two up her sleeve that can cause us… Read more

Understanding the difference: physical therapy, chiropractic care and massage therapy

Professionals in these three practices share a common theme that might have people confused as to what the difference is: they all use their hands to treat patients. When it comes to injury prevention and recovery, there are a variety of suggested treatment options. People throw around the idea of physical therapy, chiropractic care and… Read more

Dangers of winter driving

Driving during any season can include a variety of dangers. These consist of distracted, drowsy and drunk driving. However, when it comes to the winter season there are more factors to be aware of when you’re making your daily commute. The most commonly known dangers are ice and snow. These are accompanied by a variety… Read more

Personal safety on the construction site

Every morning and evening construction workers make their commute to and from the jobsite. Days are spent at great heights, moving in repetition and surrounded by heavy noise. Staying safe on the job site requires unique materials and equipment depending on your specific needs. It’s important to utilize the following equipment while on the construction… Read more

Your 2018 winter wardrobe

Did you know injury prevention has a lot to do with the clothes you wear? Well, now you do! The winter months have a way of sneaking up on us and being a source of injury and other winter hazards. Preparing for the winter months and elements is a task that should be taken seriously… Read more

Is your annual PT appointment on the calendar?

It’s safe to say that as the new year settles in and people begin thinking about their goals, resolutions and tasks for the year ahead, an appointment for physical therapy might not make the cut. For many, this type of appointment might not even cross their mind. Perhaps your goals for 2018 include a change… Read more

A guide for ergonomic shoveling

Here in the Midwest we are no stranger to the snow. Minnesotans begin to expect the arrival of snow in October and to part with it during the months of March and April. In the meantime, it has got to go somewhere. Shoveling snow becomes one of many seasonal chores that makes its way onto… Read more

Ergonomic gift guide

During this holiday season, we thought it would be a neat idea to throw together a gift guide that consists of ideas that will truly benefit its recipient – an ergonomic gift guide! Practicing correct ergonomics will save your body from a variety of aches, strains and sprains while poor ergonomics will quickly lead to… Read more