On-Site Ergonomics

On-Site Solutions Physical Therapy offers proactive, early intervention and rehabilitation physical therapy for injury/illness prevention and treatment to facilitate a safe and effective stay at work and return to work/other activities following an injury/illness. An example of a preventative program is the pre-employment screen. The screen tool we addresses the physical demands of the job and tests the applicant in their ability to complete job tasks safely.

On-Site Ergonomics

Functional Job Analysis (FJA) is an evaluation that identifies the physical/functional aspects of work. At an advanced level, it is a structured, individualized method of work categorization and description complete with recommendations. The FJA involves analysis of the work, the worker, and the worksite. The human element, the tasks performed, and the physical structure in which work is performed all play a part in forming a work function.

Ergonomics – pre/post injury

Education and training

Job matching

Work Redesign

Job modification

Return to work decisions