Injury Prevention

Injury prevention is the most beneficial when there is a consistent weekly presence of a physical therapist at the place of employment. When an employee feels the first sign of muscular discomfort they can be assessed and treated by the on-site physical therapist.

Weekly Injury Prevention Hours

The On-Site physical therapist can create a customized program to address sprain/strain and overuse injuries. The therapist will uncover the underlying cause to the sprain/strain and overuse injury, educate the employee on the condition, evaluate the work performed and the work site, and make modifications to decrease future events. Assessment by the On-Site therapist can all performed without a doctors’ order or medical visit, the treatment is considered “preventative.” Weekly injury prevention hours may also be spent on the following:

  • Functional Job Analysis and Work Site Modifications
  • Participation in the Company Safety and Wellness Committee
  • Customized Group Stretching Programs
  • Return to Work and Light Duty Job Tasks Recommendations

The On-Site Clinic

On-Site Injury Prevention is made available to the employees during “On-Site Clinic” hours. These are pre-determined clinic hours that are convenient for all of your employees.

On-Site Clinic time is spent meeting with employees to discuss any signs of muscular discomfort, provide the employee solutions to resolve their symptoms and decrease reoccurrence of the injured area.

The space for the On-Site Clinic does not need to be dedicated space. It does, however, need to allow for confidential conversation and treatment during the posted On-Site Clinic hours.

The On-Site Datatracker

On-Site Solutions has created a unique way to track data and employee interventions. Our DataTracker system will capture and analyze real time data.

We created the DataTracker system to allow our clients to track and analyze data for incidents that did not turn into a work comp claim and/or doctor visit. It also allows our team to analyze trends in data such as a specific body part injury (low back) or department within the company. If we see a trend in a specific injury or work area, we take quick action to make sense of the trend and offer solutions to minimize risk moving forward.

Employee name John Smith
Department Drivers
Shift Swing
Injury or Topic Knee Pain
Intervention Stretching Routine
Follow Up Knee Pain Gone

Pre-Employment Screening

A post offer, pre-employment test is performed to identify an applicant’s ability to perform the physical demands of a specific job. The test is created from the Functional Job Analysis (FJA). On-Site Solutions Physical Therapy also proposed a valued-added service to our pre-employment screens. After completion of a successful pre-employment screen, the On-Site Solutions therapist may council the new employee in the following (based on employer request):

  • Expectations of the body with the start of a new job
  • Basic best practice techniques and proper body mechanics
  • Discussion of proper hydration and sleep schedule (applicable for shift work)
  • Other topics per the employer request