NEW - Innovative Approach to Minimize Work Place Injuries

Imagine having the ability to quickly and efficiently deal with your employees’ strain/sprain injuries before minor headaches turn into full blown nightmares. Using high resolution, one on one video consultations, our licensed physical therapists can proactively address musculoskeletal disorders and repetitive strain injuries – whether they happen on or off the job – saving time, hassle and money for all involved. Telehealth is no longer something to dream about for the future, it is ready to roll!

Try TelePrevention!


Our TelePrevention real time video consultations connect experienced physical therapists with your employees. We are able to screen for severity of injury, assess needs, offer suggestions and education regarding the self management of common MSDs and RSIs, monitor progress and, if needed, recommend referral to other health care professionals.

In addition to being musculoskeletal experts, all of our therapists have worked in a variety of industrial and construction settings so we understand the relationships between employees, supervisors and safety/HR personnel. We are well versed in OSHA Recording and First Aid Guidelines and our program is HIPAA compliant.




Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) and Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs) refer to injuries that affect body structures, impair normal movement and cause pain, such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, epicondylitis, bursitis or general muscle strain.  We believe education is one of the keys to injury prevention, so your employees can expect a lot of great info from us. We also believe in the concept of ‘motion is lotion’ so have included an opportunity for your people to access our unique Stretch To Text on the job stretch program.

The Prevention Programming of TelePrevention includes:

*  Advice and Information on the causes and self management of common MSD/RSI

*  Stretch to Text Program sent directly to employee’s phones

*  Library of ergonomic and educational materials



Identifying the risks at work before they become injuries is also essential to proactive wellness. Our work station assessments optimize body mechanics in order to decrease the risk of discomfort on or off the job and lower the risk of escalating into an injury.  Our assessments program includes:

*  Desk ergonomic assessments

*  Work station ergonomics in the field

*  Vehicle ergonomics

TelePrevention Going Live is Coming Soon!

We are currently piloting this program with several construction companies and look forward to sending you more information.  Please check back onto our website in the next few months, or email us at: We look forward to sharing more information with you on this exciting new approach to injury management.