Mission, Core Values and History

“Our values mean more than something we put on the website or talk about once a year. Our values are who we are and the heart and soul of this company” – Melissa Gill, CEO


to assist, educate and empower employees and the companies they work for; and to keep employees healthy and feeling good, on and off the job.

Core Values

We use an innovative and creative approach to solve problems

Our approach is characterized by innovation, creativity, and a focus on solutions. We actively listen to our clients to gain a deep understanding of the challenges they face and develop customized strategies to overcome them, rather than using a “cookie-cutter” approach.

We meet people where they’re at

We meet people where they are at, on numerous levels, including taking away barriers of location, cost and time away from work. We also meet people where they are at mentally, emotionally, and physically. We guide and support the worker, no matter what, cheering them on for big and small wins.

We have a passionate and positive attitude

Our passion and positivity oozes from everything we do every day. This means we care so much for the hurt worker, that we step away from the soccer game to take a call. We get up at the crack of dawn on a cold day to lead a stretching program on a constructions site, because that’s when it is needed.

We don’t settle for the status quo

We feel that not challenging “the way it’s always been done” is lazy and is the exact opposite of who we are as a company. Amazing things cannot transpire without challenging that something can be made better.

Where We Were


On-Site Solutions Physical Therapy has provided early intervention and injury prevention services to local and national companies since 2008. We are physical therapist owned and operated but no strangers to the construction sites, shop floors or cubicle mazes that comprise industry today. We work hard to understand the workplace demands of our clients and the challenges that their employees face with strain/sprain and repetitive use injuries. We have seen first-hand that early intervention works to save companies valuable time and money. We know that our clients care about their employees and understand that healthy and safe workers are one of a company’s greatest assets, so we continuously push the envelope to evolve and advance the reach of our services to fit every client’s unique needs.

Where We Are


We are a company who is always looking to find ways to provide the best service to our clients. We are always striving to develop innovative and customized injury prevention programs that will help our customers reduce their MSK risk. Not only can we assist in reducing injury rates, but we also help companies demonstrate their commitment to their workforce. All our efforts help companies manage their healthcare spend and employees manage their injuries!

Where We’re Going


Whether it is improving our current injury prevention solutions, developing new options or adding new injury prevention clinicians to further serve our clients, we are always looking for ways to make the services we offer best in class!

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