On-Site Services

Discover the advantage of Physical Therapists coming to you!

Unlike other PT companies whose main focus is clinical work, our PT’s specialize in working with people at their location.

You want your employees to feel good at the end of the day! But when they are sore from a hard days work, or suffer from aches and pains, sprains and strains, they need to show up in the morning feeling ready to go again.

On-Site PTs are proven to:

  • increase morale as we build rapport with employees
  • provide a professional perspective on you team’s task requirements
  • reduce the likelihood of injury through proper stretching programs, functional job descriptions, and more.
  • prevent new hire injury through training and evaluation.
  • provide insight and solutions for navigating risky work environments
  • save money and time by treating and rehabilitating injury before off-site treatment whenever possible

Our passionate and licensed professionals give your employees what they need to survive and thrive. Our on-site PT’s do everything from basic well-being recommendations to hands-on pain relief techniques.

Our goal is simple: to have every one of your employees going home feeling better than when they came in!

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On-Site PT Services & Benefits

Injury Management

Our physical therapists are capable of performing orthopedic assessments and providing treatment recommendations, typically within OSHA First-Aid Guidelines.

Safety and Wellness

We at OSSPT love to collaborate with Safety and Health and Wellness teams to provide a comprehensive Health and Safety Program

Worker’s Compensation

We are available to consult on worker’s compensation cases as the employee is ready to transition back to work. We also assist with return to work protocols.

Job Observations

This allows us to gain a better understanding of the work your employees perform and assess injury potential.

Lead StretchRight

Our physical therapists are excellent leaders of stretching programs and are excellent at engaging employees!

Injury Prevention Recommendations

We can offer suggestions that will help prevent aches and pains, sprains and strains.

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