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Do you have an event that you would like us to attend?

On-Site Solutions loves to attend events! Past events that we have attended include:

  • Educational Seminars –
    • We have attended numerous educations seminars and have provided educational talks on a wide range of topics including the benefits of having a physical therapist on-site, injury and body part specific conditions, general health and wellness and more!
  • Industry Specific Meetings-
    • From national industry association annual meetings to local industry group gatherings, we have had the opportunity to tailor our presentations to meet industry specific needs. For example, a discussion on preventing low back pain in a warehouse setting can be very different than on the construction site or in a manufacturing facility.
  • Health Fairs –
    • Health fairs come in all shapes and sizes and we love to be at them all! Whether it’s an employee health fair hosted by a company or by a specific health advocacy group (such as the American Diabetes Association or the American Heart Association), we have the knowledge and expertise to provide your attendees the information they need.
  • Community Events –
    • On-Site Solutions has a commitment to helping serve the communities in which we are a part of and enjoy attending these kinds of events. These events include running events, charities, golf tournaments and more!

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