Pre-Work Options

Screening and testing for previous injury or musculoskeletal (MSK) deficiency and addressing the findings is a significant factor in preventing costly injuries.

Functional Job Descriptions

Utilizing a professional to create an accurate job description will help avoid injury before the first application or interview is conducted.

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Pre-Work Screenings

In labor-related jobs, the cost of a bad hire can be even higher due to the risk of injury and workers’ compensation claims. 

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It’s time to look at a new approach to employee care!

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There are important differences between the various options:

MSK Screening

The employee (candidate) provides a history and the OSSPT clinician will have the employee perform a series of motions to assess for MSK deficiencies.

POET (Post Offer Employment Testing)

The employee completes a set of standardized tasks that have thresholds assigned and receives an overall pass or fail score

FJA (Functional Job Analysis)

Our job analysis experts can assess the tasks and work stations that your employees interact with. This analysis then can be used in a variety of ways, including developing POET’s, job descriptions, job requirements and more.

No matter the method of testing, our expertise in analyzing the workplace and mitigating risk factors will keep your employees safe and healthy and reduce your bottom line.