Prevention Solutions

Evidenced-based practices to prevent and manage employee injuries

Our On-Site Solutions team uses evidenced based practices to prevent and manage employee injuries, even in the most challenging work places! Our injury prevention solutions have a demonstrated record of saving our clients money and resources when compared to alternatives.

  • We have an average of 80% reduction in injury spend after 3 years. This is due to a 55% reduction in injuries from utilization of our preventative services.
  • We have decades of experience showing how important prevention is in caring for your employees
  • We know the happiest employees are those that go home feeling as good or better than when they arrived.
  • The cost of our preventative solutions are far less than a doctor visit

It’s time to look at a new approach to employee care!

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Our Injury Prevention Solutions Include:

On-site PTs

Our on-site PT’s do everything from basic well-being recommendations to hands-on pain relief techniques. Our passionate and licensed professionals give your employees what they need to survive and thrive. Our goal is to have every one of your employees going home feeling better than when they came in!

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Our StretchRight program out performs other stretching programs because we base our recommendations on evidence and tailor it to the work your employees do. ​They can design and implement tailored programs for you and your employees!

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A good ergonomics program evaluates the employee and their work area and then offers recommendations that will allow the body to move more efficiently. Our ergonomics program is based upon long-standing ergonomics tools that can be used anywhere. 

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Functional Job Descriptions

Functional Job Descriptions (FJD’s) are documents that outline the specific physical job demands for a given role. Utilizing a professional to create an accurate job description will help avoid injury before the first application or interview is conducted.

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Pre-Work Screens

A Pre-Work Screen is a tool based upon Functional Job Descriptions designed to assess the applicants physical capacity to perform required job tasks. A study by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration found that the average cost of a workers’ compensation claim for a serious injury was $41,000. Hiring the wrong person for a physically demanding job could lead to serious injuries and a significant financial burden for the company.

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Effectively Preventing the Top Workplace Injuries

A 52.1% rate of reported pain means that just over half of workers in the US report some type of pain from work related activities. This pain can lead to reduced productivity, further injury, lost time from work and more.

There is a high prevalence of musculoskeletal pain

According to the chart below, a single back injury averages 6.6 days in the hospital and costs just over $70,000! Multiply that by 28% of workers that report back pain and the costs can run into the millions!

Low back pain away and costs are significant