Ergonomics for all Work Sites

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When most people think of injury, they think of a specific instance; like, “I sprained my ankle.” or “I threw my back out moving furniture.”.

While many injuries are single occurrences, there are a larger number of injuries that happen over time with repetitive movements. The risk of injury increases if these movements are not natural motions. A good ergonomics program evaluates the work area and then offers recommendations that will allow the body to move more efficiently.

Our ergonomics program is based upon long standing ergonomics tools that can be used anywhere.  Ergonomics is typically associated with offices and desks. It’s true there are many office workstations that have poor ergonomic set-ups, but the manufacturing floor also has its own set of complications. Our program is independent of the location and job of the worker.​


The Minnesota Legislature recently passed a bill that requires certain employers to implement an ergonomics program. The businesses that are required to implement this program fall into the categories of “Health Care Facility”, “Warehouse Distribution Center”, and “Meatpacking site”. Click HERE to go to our MN Bill details page for more information.

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Our 4-Step Process


We take the time to really watch, not just see, what the employee is doing.


We take our observations and our knowledge of how the body works best to find risky aspects of the work performed.


We take our analysis and present it to you in a clear and concise manner.


We provide recommendations based upon our analysis.

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Ergonomics: “an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely”
– Merriam-Webster