STAR Triage

On-Site Solutions’ custom app gives you direct access to licensed clinicians when it matters most.

STAR Triage is a telehealth solution for both you and your employees.

Employers love STAR Triage because it has been proven to help teams work more safely and can help with lowering mod rates. This can save you thousands of dollars while also providing better care for your team. Your employees will love STAR Triage because it allows them to speak directly with a clinician who can provide them with best practices and advice regarding aches and pain.

The STAR Triage App allows you and your team the ability to securely consult with clinicians via:

  • Live Video
  • Phone Calls
  • In-app messaging
  • Email
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STAR Triage App Stats

Average Call Time between Clinicians and Employees:

15-30 min

Consultations per Case Average:

1.67 consultations

Average Referrals to outside care:

Only 8% of employees require further referral

App Compatibility:

​Mobile: Android and iOS
Desktop: PC and Mac

How one employee describes STAR Triage

“Convenient and easy! I scheduled my appointment and was seen by a certified triage expert when I needed to be seen, and I did it all on my phone. They saved me hours of my time!”

– Gerald, machine operator