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Corporate Massage

WellnessWorks is a division of On-Site Solutions that offers on-site therapeutic massage to support employee well-being, performance, and recovery.

At OSSPT, we understand that aches and pains are more than just discomfort—they are a leading cause of workplace absenteeism. When employees are in pain or uncomfortable, their focus and productivity suffer. To help your team perform at their best, we offer on-site therapeutic massage services.

On-Site Massage Services & Benefits

Increase Employee Wellness

Our certified massage therapists use techniques such as deep tissue, relaxation, myofascial release, trigger point, and stretching to decrease muscle tension and stress, enhance circulation, and improve overall feelings of well-being.

Boost Morale and Positivity

Experience improved team morale and productivity as your employees enjoy the benefits of on-site massage therapy.

Comprehensive Offering

Our massage therapy complements OSSPT’s physical therapy services, providing a holistic approach to addressing the root causes of discomfort. This includes education, exercise, and ergonomic solutions in addition to massage.

How It Works

Schedule Your Event

Contact the WellnessWorks team to plan your event or recurring service. Our team will work around your schedule to seamlessly fit into your work periods and schedules.

We Come to You

Once you book an event, our therapists will come to your office with all the necessary equipment, including a massage chair. You simply need to provide a space (like an empty office or extra cubicle) and a small table.

Flexible Timing

Each therapist can provide a 5-10 minute chair massage for approximately 19-24 employees over a 4-hour period.

Value and Pricing


By bringing massage therapy directly to your workplace, OSSPT makes accessing stress-reducing and tension-relieving services convenient and straightforward. Your employees will appreciate the in-house massage benefit and are likely to perform at a higher level, contributing positively to the work environment.


Cost-Effective Solution: $150 per hour with 1 massage therapist, requiring a 4-hour minimum commitment.

Special Event Services

Have a Health or Safety Day coming up? Need a way to reward your employees for hitting a goal or target? WellnessWorks Therapists are also available to provide any of the above massage services for special events.

Special events require a 4-hour commitment (including 10 minutes for cleaning and set-up between treatments.)