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MSK Save

OSSPT has a metric for Return on Investment called the MSK Save.

What is MSK Save?

The MSK Save is an event when an employee sustains a work-related injury, was taken care of within OSHA First-Aid guidelines and didn’t become OSHA recordable or a worker’s compensation claim.

Ways We Save Costs

6 ways OSSPT can help you reduce costs

1 Emphasizing injury prevention
2Treating injuries on-site v sending out to the clinic
3Caring for the injury internally
4Teaching your employees self-care techniques
5Assisting with care management and education
6Working within OSHA First Aid Guidelines including:

Utilizing equipment that is considered first aid

Recommending activity options that are considered first aid

Insurance Premium Factors

Insurance premiums are based on:

  • Type of Industry
  • Employee Type
  • Employee Class
  • Mod Rates (Experience Modification Factors)
  • TRIR
  • and more

Reduced OSHA Recordables

OSHA defines a recordable event as:

  • Death, Chronic Disease, Fractured Bones, etc
  • Any work-related injury resulting in days away from work, restricted work, transfer to another job, or loss of consciousness
  • Any work-related injury or illness requiring medical treatment beyond first aid

​OSHA tracks this recordable data for annual reporting as well as identifying industries and companies that may need assistance in reducing injuries. Don’t get on the OSHA radar.

Contact us to help reduce your recordable injury rate and join the dozens of happy HR people we’ve helped in the past 15 years.

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