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Are your workers compensation claims sky rocketing? We save our clients 50% or more!

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Would you like your employees to complete physical therapy and get back to work quicker and safer?

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Solutions that address the work, worker and work place.

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Introducing ARTE!

Artificial intelligence Recognition Therapist for Ergonomics, or A.R.T.E., is a visual image recognition and processing network that recognizes workplace ergonomic setups and body positioning.

What does that mean in simple terms? By joining our A.R.T.E. program, you can assess what’s working and not working as you’re sitting at your desk during the day. Low back pain? Wrists giving you issues? Snap a picture that runs through the A.R.T.E. system and you’ll receive an assessment in minutes with a green, yellow, red approach to help you re-position your body or work station to alleviate pain or stress in your body as you work.

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The On-Site Solutions Difference:

We provide services that promote health and wellness in the workplace, from pre-work screening, to injury prevention. We work with our clients to strategically assist them in reaching their goals, such as decreasing workers compensation costs and promoting culture of caring, safety, and good business practice.

On-Site Solutions Physical Therapy is your partner in creating the climate of health and safety within your work place.

An Innovative Approach to Minimize Work Place Injuries

Want a sneak peek of our offerings? Check out the video below, highlighting our Stretch2Text program that can be implemented as a standalone package for your employees or as part of our TelePrevention program.

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Our Approach to Prevention and Wellness



Conduct a thorough worksite evaluation, to develop work-specific goals and programs.



Complete programs tailored to worker and workplace needs, with both individualized therapy and company wide initiatives.



Instill a culture of wellness, teaching workers how to make the right choices, to prevent injury and decrease health risks.



Analyze individualized company wide progress, using our proprietary data tracker to identify new goals and needs.