Injury Management

Manage aches and pains, sprains and strains

Many aches and pains can be prevented, but things do happen. That’s why we have the best injury management in the industry. We have 100+ years experience with all types of musculoskeletal conditions in most any environment.

We provide:

On-Site Physical Therapists (PT’s)

PT’s that come to your employees; part-time, full-time, during your time

STAR Triage

An easy to use app that allows your employees to discuss their injury by video, phone, chat, or email

Self-Management Guides

Expert care suggestions for common ailments​

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Unique perspectives for unique situations

Our On-Site Solutions team combines our:

  • evidenced-based practice
  • extensive experience
  • thorough understanding of the motions and activities that workers need to perform to manage employee injuries, even in the most challenging workplaces

We provide unique perspectives and recommendations on how to improve employee health and safety without compromising efficiency and costing you extra money.

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