Tiffany Vreeman

Executive Vice-President

Tiffany Vreeman, MPT, is the Executive Vice-President of Operations and a physical therapist for On-Site Solutions Physical Therapy. She is one of the senior leaders in On-Site, especially in leading operational management of the company. She has been instrumental in developing and shaping the company into what it is today. Like most On-Site Solutions employees, she wears many hats, including being on-site for clients in the Minnesota area. She is responsible for providing stretching, injury prevention, ergonomics, new employee training and more. Her journey into physical therapy began in high school. She had torn her Anterior Cruciate Ligament and had to do rehab after the surgery. It was then she realized the amount of help she could provide to others. This is her favorite part of her job! From that first injury, she went to school in North Dakota, earning her Master’s in Physical Therapy. If she were to give any advice to potential On-Site Solutions PT’s, it would be to try different things and find your passion. There are so many experiences out there, try it all! 

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